Yona van Mansfeld is a female fashion designer, living and working in Amsterdam, who has a fascination for a strong, trained feminine body. This originates from her high school period when she was competing in rowing games at a high level.
The muscles, curves, skin and lines from this trained body inspire her. Yona van Mansfeld puts the attention on these bodylines, to accentuate the beautiful feminine silhouette. By adding some estranging, body-reforming elements, tension is building up between the designs and the body, and gives the silhouette strength.

Through her designs she want to transfer the strength from the muscles to the woman. But, also make her feel elegant, feminine, comfortable and a bit provocative.
Combining details, constructions and shapes from classical garments in her draping, the designs become modern and surprising. Some of these historical references from classical garments in their original form are very constructive to movability and movement. Yona van Mansfeld’s translation of these details, however gives the impression that the body is shaped, but there is no discomfort.
The designs are expressive but modest. They are characterized by intensity, persistence, continuity and rhythm.

Yona van Mansfeld's promise to a woman is that she stays feminine while wearing her designs.
The woman is pleased with herself and wants to look strong, confident, unique and sophisticated for every occasion.
The concepts of the collection have a certain level of intellectual dept. It could be about analyzing the inspiration sources of an artist or things that happens in the environment.
The execution of a garment is a very important part of the design process.